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Bringing cafe coffee to the Coromandel's Hot Water Beach

Bringing cafe coffee to the Coromandel's Hot Water Beach

Tucked away in a tropical plant paradise is Hot Waves Café, just a short walk away from the iconic Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula.

The café is run by a young family that live local and have spent much of their career in hospitality. This is definitely not their first rodeo.

At Hot Waves, you’ll be served our Early Bird coffee blend.

“We get a lot of comments asking what brand/roaster does our beans as it’s absolutely delicious,” says one of the owners.

“Tourists have told us it’s the best coffee they've had in the country, and some have even told us it’s the best they've ever had...that’s just a small portion of the comments we get…pretty much daily we get told how good it is.”

Our Early Bird blend is a modern take on the classic dark Italian coffee. Its full flavour and notes of dark chocolate, as well as being super-consistent, make it popular amongst coffee drinkers and baristas alike. 

“Personally, I think Riley coffee is the best coffee I've tasted, the roast we use is versatile and has a great taste whichever way you choose to drink it.”

Working with cafés like Hot Waves is a highlight at Riley as we get to work with other likeminded business owners – and it turns out the feeling is mutual.

“We like to align ourselves with smaller, more personal companies and Riley fits in there perfect.”

“Great professional service from the roasters themselves who always go the extra mile to make sure we are delivering a top-quality product to our customers.”

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