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Wholesale coffee, barista training, machinery and servicing.

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Coffee for your hospitality business

Coffee, machinery and support for hospo - cafes, restaurants, clubs, and other venues.

Premium coffee

Our coffee is for everyone. Classic flavour profiles that coffee drinkers know and love. We believe in quality, consistency, and above all, coffee that suits people from all walks of life.

Handy machinery

We're all about making the most of technology - not only in the roaster we use but also the machinery we provide. We'd like to put forward machinery that will automate parts of the process while still allowing you control over your brews, and supporting staff to learn new barista skills.

We can also provide maintenance servicing and barista training.

Hands-on barista training

As part of the Riley team, you will receive initial and ongoing barista training - on the coffee you are using, theory, and loads of hands-on barista training.

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