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Limited coffee: Timor

Limited coffee: Timor

We’ve got our hands on some Timor green, which we’ll be roasting as a single origin through February (or while stocks last).

Before we get into the flavour notes, a little bit about the organisation behind the coffee: Cooperative Café Timor. Coffee farmers in Timor are predominately small, family-owned farms – the average farm size is less than a hectare – which can make it tricky for one farm to supply the world. So, over 20 years ago, a group of farmers got together to create the Cooperative Café Timor.

Today, this organisation has over 20,000 members, successfully supplying coffee to buyers around the world. The Cooperative Café Timor not only supports farmers’ businesses, they’re also behind a free healthcare initiative with multiple clinics and healthcare workers looking after the area.

We’ve roasted this Timor on its own as a single origin, and it’s available online through February. The base is buttery almond, the star is clean and sweet stone fruit, and the finish is malt chocolate.

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