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Hello, my name is Riley

Hello, my name is Riley

Once upon a time, we all had jobs and side hustles and dreams. One day, we decided to do life, and coffee, a bit differently. Riley was born.

One really hard part of getting started was finding our name and vibe. We began with our coffee philosophy: good coffee is actually pretty simple – good ingredients, roasted to suit how the customer will drink it – and doesn’t need to be overcomplicated with gear, jargon, and attitude. The really good parts of coffee are the little break in the day, coffee chats, lounging on a Sunday, a little bit of pep pre bike/surf/whatevs.

Then, we expanded on this to include our philosophy on life: Drink it up! We’re a group of mates, running this little business to share our coffee and our flavour. Sit down and have that coffee, stop and smell the roses, finish early and get out there.

We took Riley from the pretty old phrase ‘the Life of Riley’ – to live a pleasant and carefree life. And that’s how we think coffee should be – pleasant and carefree, all the good parts and none of the bad. We’ll be taking care with our coffee, creating blends that suit how our customers drink it so they can get on with what’s really important.



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