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Our freshly roasted coffee can be purchased here on our Riley website. The full range of coffee we offer is below. Shop

Daily Rose

Silky smooth, malty, and buttery – the perfect coffee to savour each morning. Daily Rose is our medium-roasted house blend, and it’s all sorts of delicious. Warming, creamy base that melts into subtle notes of sweet caramel.


Early Bird

A bold blend for those of us who are up and at ‘em, Early Bird is our modern take on the classic Italian-style dark roast. With a combination of South American origins, it has a rich, creamy body with strong notes of cacao and deep caramel, all rounded out by a vibrant and sweet lemon acidity.


Super Natural

This Super Natural blend is made up of beans that are organic and ethically sourced at their origin in sunny Central America and Indonesia. We start with a base of bittersweet cocoa and subtle spice, which is balanced out with a clean, punchy finish of citrus and stone fruit.


Half Pai

Sometimes you just want to lounge around and drink coffee all day, but you don’t want to be up all night. Hello, my name is Half Pai. A 50/50 blend of Daily Rose and Fully Zen, this blend has 100% of the flavour but only 50% of the caffeine. Perfect for lazy mornings and bottomless cups.


Fully Zen

Our decaffeinated coffee option, made from Swiss-water processed coffee beans (no nasty chemicals here). Like all our coffee, we recommend using Fully Zen as fresh as poss to get max flavour – here you’ll be rewarded with sweet caramel and subtle stone fruit.  


Single origin/Special blend

Every month we have something different being roasted. This is often a single origin coffee, or special blend that we have available for a limited time.