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Loring Smart Roaster

Loring Smart Roaster

One of our biggest decisions in the early stages – which roaster to buy? Mathew Johnstone, one of our owners and Mr. Coffee, has worked on a variety of different roasters – traditional drums, fluidized air, and hybrids. Naturally, the first consideration was flavour and what each could achieve, and Loring’s Smart Roaster is where it’s at.

From Mathew: “I’ve had experience with quite a few roasters, and I don’t think you can get the consistency and flavours you get from Loring roasters anywhere else.”

For each new blend or origin we roast, there’s a bit of a process to roast and cup, roast and cup, until the profile is perfected and locked in – this takes a bit of time and experience. But once you’ve arrived at the right profile, Loring’s technology enables us to lock it in, and re-produce it with much more accuracy and consistency.

When we began looking into these roasters, a major added bonus emerged – Loring roasters are arguably one of the most sustainable commercial roasters in the world. The roaster’s technology incorporates various elements to achieve this rep and can use up to 80% less gas than conventional roasters.

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