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Single origin coffee: Indonesian Sibalanga

Single origin coffee: Indonesian Sibalanga

This month’s single origin coffee is from Indonesia’s North Sumatra, in an area called Sibalanga. We’ll be roasting this right through May (or while stocks last).

The harvesting process of this coffee is pretty much the same as it’s always been:

  • The red coffee cherries are handpicked.
  • The wet processing method is used, which means the berries are washed, pulped, fermented, and washed again to remove the outer layers.
  • The green bean is then dried, usually on big mats outdoors.
  • Lastly, it’s hulled and stored, ready for its journey across the world.

Quality control begins on the tree and continues right through to the end of the process. As the coffee moves through each stage, it is sorted according to the grade – every bean.

The flavour of this coffee is a little different, and perfect for the change of seasons. A warming, delicate raisin spice with rich golden syrup followed by chocolate and orange finish. Think old school Jaffa with attitude. 

We’ve been enjoying this coffee black brewed with a Chemex, as well as through a French Press with a dash of cream.

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